Crispy Polenta Fries

Additional Information


 1 tsp salt 

1 cup Heritage Red Cornmeal 

2 tsp lemon zest

 1/4 cup finely chopped chives. (or other favourite herbs) 

2 tbsp vegetable oil


Boil 4 cups water in a medium saucepan. Add salt, then reduce heat to low. Slowly whisk in cornmeal. Cook, stirring frequently, until cornmeal is very thick, about 5 min. Stir in lemon zest and herbs. Transfer mixture to an 8 × 8-in. baking dish. Smooth top, then set on a rack to cool, about 1 hour. Cut cooled polenta into 4 equal squares, then cut each square into 4 strips. 

 Heat a medium non-stick frying pan over medium- high. When pan is hot, add 1 tbsp oil, then 8 pieces of polenta. Fry until tops and bottoms are golden-brown, 4 to 5 min per side. Transfer to a paper-towel-lined plate. Repeat with remaining oil and polenta. Serve with your favourite dip or use instead of bread crostini.