In the media


Better Farming Magazine - January 2020 Issue

A great article featuring Against the Grain Farms and the hurdles that niche grain producers face. 


EFAO Research- Increasing Grain Yields

Click on the link below and scroll down to the article  "Does Rock Mineralizers Increase Yield of  Heritage Wheat" and discover the research we have been working on this past year in collaboration with EFAO. 


Country Guide- A Hunger for Opportunity

Shelley was recently featured in the Country Guide magazine in an article titled, 'A hunger for opportunity' written by Lorraine Stevenson. To read about Shelley's farming story, follow the link below. 


Nuffield Scholarship Report

Shelley was the recipient of the Nuffield Canada Agricultural Scholarship in 2018. She has completed her international study and compiled her learnings in a report titled 'Exploring the Viability and the Impact of Participatory Plant Breeding from Seed to Table'.  Please follow the link below to read the full report. 


"Big Boss"- A Farmer's Story in Mynamar

This feel good story demonstrates how one small scale farmer can have a large impact in her community and country by sharing her knowledge and demonstrating her successes and failures with other farmers, helping them succeed and create a vibrant local food supply!