Ancient Amber Wheat

Originating in the 1920s, this hard-wheat has a rich and colourful history akin to its amber colour. This variety originates from the work of  Nikolai Vavilov, a leader in the restoration of crop biodiversity in Russia.  

Customer Testimonial

We asked one of our favourite bakers Dawn Woodward of Evelyn's Crackers to tell us about baking with ATG Amber Wheat.  Here is what she had to say:

"For bakers looking to get off the commodity white flour track and start exploring the world of heritage whole grains, then Amber wheat is an easy entry point. The gluten quality is superb and the wheat can handle long fermentation and hydration and holds up in enriched and laminated doughs. Amber is worth the price because the flavour is great- nutty and sweet with no bitterness from the bran. The colour is light enough that customers will be drawn to it’s deep golden crumb and will love the mild flavour.  It mills well on commercial stone mill and even countertop mills. I highly recommend this wheat for all applications."


Wholesale- Available in 5kg, 10kg or 20kg


Ancient Amber Wheat Flour

Excellent for all baking.  ATG Amber Wheat Flour has quickly become a favourite for bread bakers.


Ancient Amber Wheat Berries

Great for vegetarians thanks to their high protein content. Used for hot cereal,  excellent for salads, use to replace rice or other grains. 

Retail: Available in 600g packages


Ancient Amber Wheat Flour

Ingredients: 100% Whole Grain Amber Wheat

Packed with fibre & flavour, this whole wheat flour is a great substitute for all-purpose or processed whole wheat flours.  


Ancient Amber Wheat Berries

Ingredients: 100% Whole Grain Amber Wheat

Amber Wheat Berries contain the bran, germ and endosperm of the wheat kernel, which means lots of fibre and flavour packed into these whole grains. These berries have a sweet, nutty flavour. 

Interested in trying out Amber Wheat for yourself? Check out our Amber Wheat Berries Squash Pilaf recipe by following the link below.