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About Shelley

About Shelley

Hand selected from around the world for their nutritional properties, our grains bring stories and embody diversity.

Locally grown grains are the missing component in many regional food systems. Against the Grain Farms aims to renew the production and use of locally gown heritage grains. 

All  ATG products are non-GMO. 


About Shelley

About Shelley

About Shelley

Shelley has a long relationship, diverse history, and serious passion for working with grain. For the last 30 years she has been a grain farmer, baker and chef, ancient grain restorer and researcher.

Shelley Spruit is the recipient of the 2018 Canadian Nuffield Scholarship. 

Find the link to Shelley's published research on our media page.


Our Offerings

About Shelley

Our Offerings

  If it doesn't have a story, we don't grow it.  Known as a dietary staple for thousands of years, our ancestors once relied upon these ancient grain varieties to provide nourishment and sustenance. 

We look forward to working with passionate manufacturers, bakers, distillers, and brewers.     Please see our products page for our wholesale, retail and grain share options. 

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